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Today the Department of Miniature Marvels is marveling at the exquisitely detailed creations of Japanese miniature artist Tomo Tanaka. Since 2002 he’s been creating 1/12 scale miniature versions of all sorts of food and household items. Tanaka creates all of his miniature by hand, from scratch, primarily using clay and epoxy. He posts and publishes photos of his creations under the name Nunu’s House.

Despite their tiny size, everything that Tanaka creates looks so lifelike that you often can’t tell they’re miniature if he doesn’t include another object or his own fingers or hands in the photos for scale.

To check out more of his awesomely tiny creations visit Nunu’s House on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

[via Spoon & Tamago]

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Rescued Australian Magpie Becomes Lifelong Friend With The Family That Saved Her Life

After being rescued and nursed back to health by a young family in Newport, Australia, a magpie named Penguin has become a regular visitor and friend at the Bloom family’s home, playing with them and coming in to hide when it rains.
Penguin was discovered flying on the ground near a library in 2013 by Noah, who is now 11. After being nursed back to health by husband and wife Cameron and Sam and their children (Reuben, 13, Noah, 11, Oli, 9), Penguin was allowed to fly free, but still returned often to spent time with the family. She plays catch, saunters through their home and even perches on their shoulders.

See more photos on Penguin’s Instagram